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Looking for the perfect gift for that person on your list who’s impossible to buy for? A gift card to our Springdale Utah spa might just be the answer.

A spa gift certificate is a perfect choice for a spouse, loved one, or friend. No worrying about choosing gifts that they’ll use, figuring out their size, or worrying over giving a gift that’ll wind up stuck in a box or gathering dust on a shelf. Instead, you’ll be gifting rest, relaxation, pampering, and maybe even a memory together that you can share.

Five Petals Spa, located at the beautiful Cliffrose Lodge, is a stunning luxury spa surrounded by equally stunning natural landscapes. After a relaxing massage or rejuvenating facial, your loved one can stroll the resort’s grounds, walk beside the gurgling Virgin River, and take in views of Zion’s peaks in the distance.

Looking for the perfect gift for anyone on your holiday list? Keep reading to learn why a gift card for a Springdale Utah spa is always a great choice.

Why a Gift Card to Our Springdale Utah Spa is Always a Good Choice

The holidays should be a time of fun and togetherness. But all too often, it also comes with a lot of stress. Figuring out what to buy for that tough person on your list only adds to the holiday anxiety. 

But a gift card to our Springdale Utah spa is an easy, creative gift for anyone on your list. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why.

You Can Share the Spa Experience With Your Friend or Loved One

A gift certificate to a luxury spa near Zion National Park is a great choice for anyone on your list. From your lifelong friend to your spouse to a parent to an extended family member, everyone could use a day at the spa

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness

One of the best reasons to give your friend or loved one a day at the spa is the many benefits that they’ll enjoy. A day at the spa can help improve your sleep, relieve stress, let your body release toxins, prevent signs of early aging, and even restore your mental balance. What other gift allows you to give your friend or loved one the gift of better health and overall wellness?

A Gift Card is One Size Fits All

Figuring out a person’s size, what they might like, or what they already have at home can make choosing gifts a challenge. But with a gift card, and especially a gift card for a day at a spa, you won’t have to worry about any of this. A gift certificate to our Springdale Utah spa is a one-size-fits-all gift!

It’s a Great Last Minute Gift

Are you someone who starts your holiday shopping months in advance? Or do you put it off until the last minute, only to find yourself scrambling to find the right gifts? 

A gift certificate is perhaps the easiest gift to purchase. In just minutes, you can order a gift certificate to our Springdale Utah spa, and complete your shopping list from the comfort of your couch!

Our Holiday Special Gift Certificate

At Five Petals Spa, we’ve made your gift-giving even easier this year with a Holiday Special. This unique package includes dinner for two at Anthera, also located at Cliffrose Lodge, as well as two 60-minute Signature Treatments at Five Petals Spa, for just $199. 

Anthera is a beautiful, relaxed patio restaurant located just steps away from the spa. Enjoy a delicious, fresh meal while enjoying the views of the resort and of Zion’s towering red rock peaks. Our 60-minute Signature Massage Treatments include a rich aroma therapy treatment using your choice of essential oils, followed by a hot towel treatment to help your muscles soften as you relax and enter a state of complete relaxation.

The great thing about this Holiday Special is that it’s totally customizable. While it’s a great choice for couples, it’s also perfect for sharing with a friend or other family member. Gift it to a parent to enjoy some special time with them, to a friend for the perfect post-holiday day of relaxation, or to your spouse for a romantic afternoon. Your gift recipient can share the day with a guest of their choosing, or you can give it to them to share together.

This gift package can be used until March 15, 2023. After that time, the gift card can be used towards any treatment for its paid value ($199). Guests can call Five Petals Spa to schedule their treatments. Looking for the perfect gift for anyone on your list? Purchase our Holiday Special today!