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Unwind, Decompress

Our Signature Massages

Five Petals Signature Customized Massage

Let our therapists pamper your body as they utilize many different treatment modalities to completely customize this treatment experience. Be soothed with the rich aroma of the essential oils of your choice. Let our hot towels in this treatment help your muscles unwind and soften. Leaving you in a state of complete relaxation.

25 Min / 50 Min / 80 Min   –  Single $85 / $149 / $209  –  Couples $170 / $298 / $418

Zion Essentials Massage

For those who have been hiking the trails, this is the massage for you! Your treatment starts with a massage to relax your sore muscles. During the last 30 minutes of this unique treatment, a combination of essential oils and light massage is designed to promote well-being, create a better mood, and reduce inflammation in the body leaving you in a state of utter bliss. Hot towels are applied to help the oils seep in and deliver the healing properties they have to offer.

50 Min / 80 Min   –  Single $149 / $209  –  Couples $298 / $418

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Utilizing Hot Polished Salt Stones from the Himalayan Mountains, this treatment’s intention is to soothe sore muscles and produce amazing results. One of the best benefits of Himalayan Salt is it contains 84 trace minerals and elements that are found in the human body. They are absorbed through your skin in this treatment to gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension, and pollutants.

50 Min / 80 Min   –  Single $149 / $209  –  Couples $298 / $418

Massage Add-ons

Substitute CBD and Ginger Oil for Treatment – $25

Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt Hand and Foot Scrub – $85

30 More Minutes of Bliss (added on to any 80 min treatment)$50