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Whether you’re looking to help your body recover from the challenging hikes of Zion National Park or want to relax and unwind during your next vacation, a visit to Five Petals Spa is a must during your next Utah vacation. Our upscale Springdale spa offers a wide variety of luxury treatments, including several types of beauty treatments and massages to choose from.

If you’re new to massages or looking to mix things up, you might be wondering which type of massage is right for you. Keep reading to learn more about the massages you can choose from at Five Petals, and the benefits of each.

A Quick Mini Massage

Short on time, but still want to reap some of the benefits of a massage? Our 30 Minute Five Petals Mini Massage might be just the thing for you. During your half-hour session, your massage therapist will customize your treatment to target any specific muscle groups in need of relief, including your neck, shoulders, head, and back. 

If you’ve been feeling the effects of stress and tension, especially in your upper back, shoulders, and neck, this quick massage can help you relax and relieve tension so you can get back to fully enjoying your vacation. If you’ve already planned out your trip itinerary and don’t have time for an indulgent spa day, starting your trip with this quick session is a great way to start enjoying a more relaxing, stress-free vacation.

Our Signature Massage

Looking for a more luxurious experience? Our Five Petals Signature Customized Massage is our most popular option. During a 60- or 90-minute session, your massage therapist will pamper you from head to toe, with a relaxing massage targeting the areas in your body where you’ve been carrying tension or experiencing pain. 

Breathe in the relaxing aroma of your choice of essential oils, and breathe out your stress as you feel your muscles soften under a hot towel. Either length session is a great addition to a full day at our spa, in-between visits to the sauna and steam room, or a relaxing stroll through the gardens, taking in the views of Zion’s peaks. These massages are fully customizable, allowing you to let your massage therapist know which areas you’d like to see focused on. 

Zion Essentials Massage

Want to enjoy a truly unique experience during your visit to the best Springdale spa? Book a 60-Minute or 90-Minute Zion Essentials Spa. Droplets of essential oil rain down on your spine, giving you the feeling of standing under the famous Weeping Rock at Zion National Park, feeling the cool water drip down from the rocks far above. 

The combination of aromatherapy and massage is designed to help you reduce inflammation, let go of tension, reduce stress, and promote well-being. After the initial treatment, hot towels are applied to help the oils to seep into your skin and deliver their full healing properties. While the oils are soaking in, you’ll enjoy a soothing massage. You’ll leave the massage table feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated—and ready to book a future visit to enjoy this special treatment again!

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Retreat

Hot stone massages are proven to help you reduce stress and anxiety and sleep better. Some studies even suggest that they can help relieve the symptoms of certain autoimmune diseases. 

Our Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Retreat massage combines the benefits of hot stones with the restorative effects of Himalayan Salt. Hot polished salt stones, taken from the Himalayan Mountains, are applied to help soothe sore muscles and promote healing. The salt is absorbed through your skin to soothe away stress and tension, and encourage the release of pollutants and toxins.

This massage treatment is available in both 60-minute and 90-minute sessions and can be booked as a couples session. While this treatment is great at any time during your visit, it’s a great way to fully unwind at the end of your vacation before returning home to the stress and demands of work and life.

Booking Your Next Massage at Five Petals Spa

From hot stone sessions to fully customizable, luxurious massages, each of these massages will leave you feeling rested and restored. Looking to enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating massage in Springdale, Utah? Plan to make a visit to Five Petals Spa. Located at beautiful Cliffrose Lodge, this luxurious spa is just as breathtaking inside as the beautiful landscapes that surround it. 

Take a relaxing stroll through the botanical gardens of Cliffrose, let go of stress and rid your body of toxins in the sauna or steam room, then enjoy your choice of massage. You’ll leave feeling rested and ready to take on your next challenging hike in Zion or to go home feeling less stress, tension, and pain.

The summer season is already underway, so don’t wait to book your appointment at Five Petals Spa during your next visit to Springdale.